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"Design is intelligence made visible." -- Alina Wheeler

How do you add beauty to something not typically viewed as decorative? You integrate experiences through every feature by driving emotional connections at every level between your brand/product and your customers. Here at 40 Form we believe that every stage of the design process, every part, and every component needs to align with the core mission of your company, brand or product. This is engineering that immerses itself into the realm of brand strategy, art and storytelling. This interdisciplinary marketing transcends into the engineering landscape which is the difference between creating profound connections with your customers and creating “just” another product. Our goal is to help you design and manufacture parts that resonate with the heart of the brand by creating authentic value for your customers.

What we do

We provide component branding as a premium service to customers looking to develop their products with our full turn-key product development service or as an add-on to those wanting to enhance their current parts, assemblies or products. Component branding consists of various research phases that include market research, brand discovery sessions, product requirement analysis, concept form analysis and so on but perhaps the most important phase to component branding happens at the very beginning — the Design Outlook step. This is where we start to establish the connection between your brand’s mission, our team and your customers. The purpose of this step is to ensure the product design aligns seamlessly with the marketing/brand experience when we get to the engineering phase. In essence, we want to know what your goals are and how you want to go about representing those goals. We want to be able to see the product through the eyes of your customers and drive our design efforts with the same passion you have for accomplishing your mission.

How we do it

Once we complete the design outlook phase, we are ready to start the product design and engineering phases. This is where our team takes everything we learned during the design outlook phase and let the design work do your storytelling. We look at every component feature as having an engineering and artistic purpose to the design ecosystem as a whole. This is engineering driven by the quality of emotional connections you’re looking to establish with your customers throughout your brand and product lines. We are empowering a non-marketing platform like engineering design to open doors for unobtrusive but creative ways to tell your story at every level of your component design methodology.

Why we do it

Our team believes in adding beauty to the practicality of engineering. We welcome a world where people look at engineering as an artistic discipline that mindfully removes wasteful features through holistic design considerations. We’re introducing engineering to the world as a creative process— the perfect bridge for customer-centric startups or IoT companies looking for hardware design that helps accomplish their digital endeavors. Whether you’re looking to get a bracket redesigned or you’re ready to bring a new product to market, our team is ready to add a little bit of magic to your design requests. It's time for design engineers to bring something new to the table- It's time to have 40 Form become an extension of YOUR team.