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“The best ideas start as conversations”- Sir Jony Ive

Modernizing is always at the forefront of any company or industry that wants to thrive under the ever changing business landscape. Don't panic but today's workforce landscape is dominated by none other than your favorite generation- the millennials. Modernizing for this generation means getting information on-demand, at their convenience and simplifying the process of getting information.

So how can we help the engineering and manufacturing industries adapt to the communication preferences of the prevalent generation? In a nutshell, talk to people the way people talk to each other in 2019. It's no secret that people spend hours on their smart devices. In a day, people spend 3 to 4 hours to be exact! So why not increase the availability of project information by using these same smart devices everybody is already connected to? With better accessibility to engineering and manufacturing resources, we’re breaking down barriers for our customers by transforming manufacturing to a more simplified process. We made an extremely technical industry more casual by providing flexible communication options for every customer using our platform. With 40 Form you can now order designs, drawings, 3D prints, short production runs, and manufacturing orders at you fingertips.

By eliminating the nuisances of software you need to download or websites you need to open to receive updates, order or manage your projects, we use the apps you already have installed on your phone so that you get quicker access to information and decision-making. We are reshaping the customer experience standard in the industry with a responsive communication system that gives people a sense of familiarity in what sometimes feels like a foreign industry to some. To view and red-line CAD models or drawings for example, we send you a link that allows you to collaborate with our team and save all this data through your phone! In a complex industry, simplicity is just beautiful.

Unlike our larger corporate counterparts, we have the flexibility to use social media messaging platforms and texting to empower the procurement of your projects. This mobile-centric approach to engineering and manufacturing is perfect for those who are always on-the-go but need quick and efficient communication to manage their projects. I mean why work from home when you can work from anywhere! "A 2014 Gallup poll confirmed a truth that has become self-evident: Text messages now outrank phone calls as the dominant form of communication among millennials.” The landscape is clear. Texting dominates among millenials and 40 Form is one of the very few companies to adapt to this ever changing field of engineering. We are setting the standard for the rest of the manufacturing industry. 40 Form is a pioneer in this new transition in which the manufacturing industry has failed to adapt.

Our team makes the engineering process more conversational which results in more satisfied customers, less communication errors and timely project delivery- all of which are critical factors that determine the success of your manufacturing projects. At the end of it all, 40 Form was created to fulfill a sole purpose--modernize the design & manufacturing industry. Centering our business around the customer, we give the industry leaders, casual innovators, self-starters, and creative thinkers the power to innovate from their smart devices. Giving our customer the influence to innovate at their leisure along with our guidance, is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry into a less intimidating creative process for our customer. Let's break the chains of conventional wisdom together and bring engineering design and manufacturing out of the 90’s and into the 21st century.