about the blog


This blog was created by Team 40 Form to inspire those looking to add a new dimension to their design and manufacturing process. Our goal is to foster a welcoming environment where engineers and artists alike can come together to solve the issues facing our planet. 40 Form is a hub for creative people looking to connect their ideas to a team of design engineers that think like them. We are here to be the corner stone of new age design and manufacturing thinking. We believe in looking forward for inspiration and learning from our past. We want to cultivate a new generation in creative application, by blending successful design philosophies of the past with the liberating technologies of the future. Our team is dedicated to empowering casual innovators who dare to disrupt the status quo and the realities around them with their ideas.

We hope that with this blog, we can become more than just another design and digital manufacturing company for you. Our team wants to create a place where you can voice your opinions about the direction of our industry. We want to be an extension of your team and a stepping stone to your design and manufacturing journey. Lets get inspired by the future again.

Welcome to the new gateway of manufacturing.

-Lauro J. Zavala Co-Founder

40 Form LLC