How does 40 Form quote?

-40 Form focuses on the amount of time, features, and complex geometry needed to model the design. If the service is under an hour, we charge a flat rate of $40. Any work that is estimated to be over an hour will be charged based on project complexity.

What if I decide to add minor changes to a design?

-Completed work may be revised no more than 2 times for minor revisions at no cost. Minor revisions are any revisions less than or equal to 30 minutes of rework.

-Revisions that accumulate to any time greater than 60 minutes will be considered a major revision and will be subject to additional costs. Major revisions between 30 and 60 minutes long will be treated as 2 minor accumulated revisions.

How do I make a payment?

-Payments are made after the service is completed through our 3rd party online Invoice service provider  XERO. Payments are processed by STRIPE. Please review any of their terms of service for any further questions regarding their services.